Morbid Children's Books

Written by Gabrielle Ferrara, these children's books combine educational concepts with slightly morbid topics. For each book, Gabrielle worked closely with the illustrators to bring her unique vision to life. These books are still in production and are expected to be published by Uniquely Morbid® in 2022. Be sure to follow @UniquelyMorbid on social media to stay informed with the latest news!

Dead Squirrels Everywhere

Counting to ten has never been easier for children who love the macabre! Dead Squirrels Everywhere is a fully illustrated children’s book with a slightly morbid twist. This book is perfect for teaching kids of all ages how to count to ten. Children will have so much fun; they won’t even know they are learning!

No squirrels were harmed in the making of this book

The Morbid Alphabet Book

The Morbid Alphabet Book combines a love of the macabre with learning the alphabet. This fully illustrated book is the perfect educational tool for children curious about the world around them. Each page features a different letter paired with a morbid word and corresponding definition. Not only will children learn their alphabet, but they will expand their vocabulary at the same time!

From A to Z, The Morbid Alphabet Book is sure to educate and entertain.