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Uniquely Morbid

Luna -Real Rabbit Taxidermy Art Doll Animal, Creepy Doll, Taxidermy Art, Posable Art Doll, Taxidermy Cabinet, Rogue Taxidermy, Creature Doll

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  • Description
  • This truly one of a kind, rogue taxidermy mixed media art doll is the perfect gift for any macabre individual who loves bunny rabbits or collectible dolls. This lovely doll sits perfectly on a shelf with her hands stretched out eager to hold any small, lightweight object. Luna was made with a real and ethically sourced rabbit and hand-painted vintage porcelain doll parts. She embodies the innocence found in childhood dreams, of playing dress-up and connecting with nature. She sits perfectly balanced on her own with her legs crossed and her hands reaching out to hold a small lightweight object. The bunny was a mixed breed with a beautiful pattern along its back and head. The bunny was fully processed by me and the doll form made from scratch. She comes with a felt carrot.
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