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Uniquely Morbid

Miniature Rhinoceros Skeleton In Jar

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  • Description
  • This one-of-a-kind bone sculpture is reminiscent of an animal specimen that might be found in a cabinet of curiosity. Created with real animal bones that were harvested from owl pellets, this Halloween Jar Skeleton is a Halloween-inspired bone assemblage art piece.

    Miniature Rhinoceros Skeletons are great gifts for people who enjoy macabre works of art, fantasy-based taxidermy, and morbidly unique oddities. This was built inside a small recycled glass bottle. The glass bottle has a slight greenish tint and is approximately 3 inches high without the cork.

    A lovely little addition to your cabinet of curiosities, oddity or natural history collection, or witch decor. The glass dome that houses them is very decorative and vintage. This Animal Bones Party Decor will arrive with a randomly selected certificate of birth and a few pieces of treasure. 

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