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Uniquely Morbid

Squirrel Skull Terrarium Ornament

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  • Description
  • This thriller and retro skull will bring you a visual impact and make your Halloween even more exciting than those before, giving you an unforgettable Halloween. This Squirrel Skull Ornament terrarium rustic ornament is the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates the beauty in death. 

    Made of plastic that is durable and safe, the Wall Art Mystic Bone Shrine decors on the one hand are able to decorate your party well and on the other hand can set the atmosphere and shape the scenes more like Halloween.

    This Halloween Skeleton Head features a real mink skull surrounded by moss and dried flowers on a wooden base. The ornament has a zink eye hook attached to the top and comes with a tied piece of cord for hanging. The flowers are red and white. Make your Halloween atmosphere scary and funny

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