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Are Owls the Only Birds That Cough Up Pellets?


When we think of birds coughing up pellets, the first thing that comes to mind is owls. For years, people have associated the act of regurgitating pellets with these nocturnal creatures. However, it begs the question: are owls the only birds that cough up pellets?

What are pellets?

Pellets are the undigested parts of an animal's food that are regurgitated by birds of prey. These pellets are formed in the gizzard, which is a part of the bird's digestive system. The gizzard's muscular walls contract to grind up the bird's food, and any indigestible parts are formed into pellets.

Are Owls the Only Birds?

No, owls are not the only birds that cough up pellets. In fact, many birds of prey regurgitate pellets, including hawks, eagles, and falcons. These birds have similar digestive systems to owls and produce pellets in the same way.

Why Do Birds Cough Up Pellets?

Birds cough up pellets to get rid of indigestible parts of their food, such as bones, fur, and feathers. These parts can be harmful to the bird's digestive system if they are not removed. Coughing up pellets is a natural process that helps birds of prey stay healthy.


While owls are the most well-known birds that cough up pellets, they are not the only ones. Hawks, eagles, and falcons also regurgitate pellets as a way to get rid of indigestible parts of their food. Pellet coughing is an essential part of these birds' digestive systems and helps them stay healthy in the wild.

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