Ethical Policy

General Statement

No animals or insects are harmed or killed for the sole purpose of art. At Uniquely Morbid®, all of the animal products used in works of art and jewelry pieces are ethically and sustainably sourced in compliance with the Fish and Game and Natural Resources Departments of each state from which the specimens are collected. Additionally, Uniquely Morbid® does not engage in trade or purchase of animal products collected from endangered or poached wildlife, 


Ethics & Sustainability

The criteria for “ethical sourcing” will vary among those in the Vulture Culture and Oddities communities. At Uniquely Morbid®, “Ethically Sourced” means that the animal or insect (from which we are using the bones or parts) was not intentionally killed by a human for the purpose of art, sport, cruelty, or profit.

We strongly believe that no part of an animal should go to waste if any parts can be salvaged. Because of this, we will occasionally use vintage/craft quality parts that would otherwise be discarded.

We will also use leftover remains from animals that have been hunted/humanely killed for the purpose of harvesting the meat for food.

  • We have done extensive research on the topic of hunting. When laws and ethical guidelines are followed and proper training is obtained, the result is a quick and calculated death. The goal of hunting is never to prolong suffering.

We also believe that sustainability falls under the doctrine of ethical sourcing. Animal and insect populations are integral to the wellbeing of delicate ecosystems.  At Uniquely Morbid®, we respect the sanctity and dignity of the deceased animals that are used in our works of art and jewelry. All of our sources are strictly vetted and must meet the ethical standards and practices outlined in this policy. 



The majority of animal bones that we use are obtained from small mammals and rodents that are meticulously dissected from owl pellets. We purchase the owl pellets from reputable organizations and individual people who do not disturb or harm any owls in the process. 

Larger bones are ethically sourced via donations, surplus from our taxidermy projects, and occasional purchases. Larger bones may be scavenged from discarded materials in the taxidermy, hunting, and or furbearing trades.



All animals that are collected for taxidermy or mummification purposes are held to our ethical standards. Each animal is treated with the utmost care and respect. The majority of animals that we use for taxidermy are small mammals and rodents. All parts of the animal are used. 



We use real bird eggs to create our infamous dragon eggs. All of the eggs are sustainably harvested and properly hallowed out prior to use. 


Snake Shed

All of the snake shed have been found or donated by reptile lovers. No snakes are harmed during the shedding process.

Ethical Policy