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Baby Dragon Skeletons

Baby Dragon Skeletons

Articulating Baby Dragon Skeletons is my specialty. These unique works of art are the foundation of my small business and today I’m going to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about them.
  1. What is a Baby Dragon Skeleton?

    Baby Dragon Skeletons are a Uniquely Morbid® Creation that invokes curiosity. Each Dragon Skeleton is built from scratch using real animal bones and occasionally insect wings. These skeletons are intentionally designed to cross the boundary between fantasy and fiction while maintaining an animal resemblance. Baby Dragon Skeletons are inspired by the Victorian Age when Cabinets of Curiosities were popular and collectors wanted to show off their strange and unusual finds.

  2. Where do you get the bones?

    The bones used for Baby Dragon Skeletons are meticulously dissected from owl pellets. Before you even have to ask – no an owl pellet is not poop, yes it is still gross. When an owl is hungry, it will go hunting and devour its prey. Unfortunately, owls don’t have any teeth so instead of chewing their food they take large bites and end up swallowing a lot of indigestible materials. These materials (bones, fur, and feathers) are compacted and regurgitated in the form of a pellet.

  3. What makes your Baby Dragon Skeletons so special?

    Everything about my Baby Dragon Skeletons makes them special.  Each dragon is assembled by hand, one bone at a time.  The skeletons retain animal-like appearances and are meant to be realistic in an alternate fantasy realm. These are collectible assemblage sculptures with personality. They are also very small, averaging 2-3 inches, with some varieties even smaller! Each dragon comes with a personalized Certificate of Birth and some hoarded treasure.

  4. Are all Baby Dragon Skeletons the same?

    All Baby Dragon Skeletons are unique.  Each Dragon is an individual with a distinct personality conveyed through the type of bones used and the overall posture of the skeleton. Due to the skeleton being crafted with real animal bones, no two dragons will ever be identical, but I can usually create something similar to a previous build. I currently offer six different varieties based on the container the dragon is built into: Free Standing, Bottled, Caged, Pocket Watch, Tiny Dome, and Large Dome.

  5. How do I make my own Baby Dragon Skeleton?

    Please do not steal my creative ideas or art. I have spent years mastering my craft and take great pride in the work that I create. There is enough room in the oddities world for everyone to make their own unique creations – make something different, make something that is truly yours.

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