New Logo Rebranding - Uniquely Morbid®

New Logo Rebranding

New Logo Rebranding

Exciting news!  As of today, Uniquely Morbid® is officially updating our brand identity. This update includes a redesigned logo and matching brand colors. You may have already noticed some of these changes reflected on our website and social media banners, but there are more to come!

We truly loved our original, hand-drawn logo that featured a rat skull in the center with a purple flower and opaque bottles on the side. As we have grown, we no longer feel that the original logo fully captures what Uniquely Morbid® is all about. Additionally, the hand-drawn aspect of the original design resulted in a few marketing hurdles.

The new logo is an updated, minimalist design that we feel better represents the products we create. The new logo still features a rodent skull in the center, but now that skull is framed like a work of art. We have also updated our colors to a more natural and darker pallet that includes a lovely shade of red.

We hope that you like our new logo rebranding!

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