Origin of Uniquely Morbid® - Uniquely Morbid®

Origin of Uniquely Morbid®

Origin of Uniquely Morbid®

Nearly a decade ago, when I was in college I stumbled upon a $5 promotional coupon for eBay. The coupon had pretty strict limitations and a deadline only a few days away. For reasons still unknown, I decided to buy an owl pellet. A few days after it arrived, I sifted through all the matted fur and uncovered a hoard of tiny little bones.  Instead of rearticulating a normal mouse/shrew/rodent, I decided to let my imagination run wild and create something that didn’t exist but could fool the untrained eye.  The creature I made looked like a small dragon, and thus a Baby Dragon Skeleton was born.


After creating my first baby dragon skeleton, I acquired more owl pellets and started making more dragons. I entered the first few sculptures into a gallery exhibition on campus and then started giving them away to friends and family who showed interest.  It didn’t occur to me at the time that I could turn my strange hobby into a business until I miraculously sold a few baby dragon skeletons to a complete stranger.  


I started my business on Etsy, and that’s when I knew I had to pick a really good, and memorable name. I wanted a name that described my art but wouldn’t limit my ability to expand. The more I stared at my skeletons, the more I loved how odd and strange they were.  From there, I brainstormed until I had what I like to believe is a phrase that perfectly describes my work: Uniquely Morbid®.


Since the creation of my first baby dragon skeleton, I have created more than 100 skeletons, in all shapes and sizes.  I’ve also expanded into bone jewelry, mixed media art, and rogue taxidermy. I still sell on Etsy, as well as vend at different craft shows, oddities markets, and the Renaissance Faire. It’s crazy to think, this whole journey started with a $5 promotional coupon.

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