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  • Deathly Colors - Uniquely Morbid®
  • Deathly Colors - Uniquely Morbid®
  • Deathly Colors - Uniquely Morbid®
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Uniquely Morbid®

Deathly Colors


Explore the dark side of colors you never knew existed - with Death as your trusty guide!

Colors are more than just a beautiful bouquet of lilies and roses. They are also the gorgeous black clothes we wear or even the purple goo from a smashed snail. But you know what else lurks behind colors? Death. And it's everywhere, watching and waiting.

Don't believe it? Read these dark, amusing haikus and open your eyes to deathly colors and possibilities!

From ominous yellow signs to vicious creatures in the deep blue sea, this epic book will show you a bizarre world through the eyes of Death. Let the journey begin!

Product Details
  • 8.5x8.5 inch book to provide a sense of quality and durability.

  • Mat cover feels like velvet, providing a tactile experience that children can relate to and enjoy.

  • Self-published with attention to detail, making it a unique addition to any library or collection.

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