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  • Owl Pellet Dissection Kit - Uniquely Morbid®
  • Owl Pellet Dissection Kit - Uniquely Morbid®
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Uniquely Morbid®

Owl Pellet Dissection Kit

Product Overview:

The Owl Pellet Dissection Kit is an educational and interactive set that provides all the necessary tools to explore and identify the contents of owl pellets. With a curated selection of tools and a bone identification guide, this kit offers an engaging experience for individuals of all ages to discover undigested material like bones, teeth, and fur found within owl pellets.


Unleash your curiosity with the Owl Pellet Dissection Kit. This comprehensive set includes everything you need to embark on an exciting journey of exploration. Each kit contains an owl pellet, a pair of tweezers, a wooden probe, gloves, and a bone identification guide. Owl pellets are regurgitated masses of indigestible materials, providing a unique opportunity to discover the remains of the prey consumed by owls.

  • Included Items: Owl pellet, tweezers, wooden probe, gloves, bone identification guide
  • Age Range: Suitable for individuals of all ages
  • Safety: Gloves provided for hygienic handling

The Owl Pellet Dissection Kit is designed to facilitate hands-on learning and scientific inquiry. Start by wearing the included gloves for a hygienic and safe exploration. Carefully dissect the owl pellet using the tweezers and wooden probe, separating the compacted mass to reveal the hidden treasures within. Use the bone identification guide to identify and learn about the bones, teeth, and fur found in the pellet. This kit is a fantastic educational resource for homeschooling, science projects, or simply satisfying your curiosity about the natural world.


Ensure a successful and hygienic dissection experience by following these care instructions. Prior to handling the owl pellet, wear the provided gloves to maintain cleanliness. After the dissection, dispose of the dissected material appropriately, following local waste disposal guidelines. Clean the tweezers and wooden probe with mild soap and water, and dry them thoroughly before storing them for future use.

Embark on an engaging exploration of owl pellets with the Owl Pellet Dissection Kit. Uncover the mysteries hidden within these regurgitated masses and learn about the natural processes of predator-prey relationships. This kit is suitable for educational purposes, fostering a deeper understanding of wildlife and biology in an interactive and enjoyable manner.

Note: The exact appearance of the owl pellet may vary as they are natural products.

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