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  • Uniquely Morbid Tarot Box Set - Uniquely Morbid®
  • Uniquely Morbid Tarot Box Set - Uniquely Morbid®
  • Uniquely Morbid Tarot Box Set - Uniquely Morbid®
  • Uniquely Morbid Tarot Box Set - Uniquely Morbid®
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Uniquely Morbid®

Uniquely Morbid Tarot Box Set

Product Overview:

Step into a world of spiritual exploration with the Uniquely Morbid Tarot Box Set. This meticulously crafted set invites you on a transformative journey with the aid of a mysterious creature—the flesh-eating beetle. Experience the profound insights and revelations as you delve into the depths of the spiritual realm. Let the Uniquely Morbid Tarot Box Set be your companion and guide as you embark on a path of self-discovery and enlightenment.


The Uniquely Morbid Tarot Box Set is a captivating collection that combines artistry, mysticism, and the enigmatic allure of the flesh-eating beetle. This expertly crafted set includes 78 tarot cards printed on high-quality 350 gsm paper, ensuring durability and a tactile experience. Each card is adorned with intricate illustrations that convey symbolism and meaning, inviting deeper exploration and interpretation.

The set also includes a comprehensive 56-page guide booklet, providing valuable insights into the meanings and interpretations of each card. Delve into the wisdom of the tarot and unlock the secrets of the spiritual realm with the guidance offered within the pages of this booklet.

To protect and carry your tarot cards, the set includes a luxurious silk bag. Made with exquisite craftsmanship, this bag adds an element of elegance while providing a safe and convenient storage solution. Keep your cards protected and easily accessible, ensuring that they are always ready for your spiritual journey.

Enhance your tarot experience with the included sticker sheet, allowing you to personalize and customize your tarot deck. Add a touch of personal style and create a connection with your cards as you infuse them with your own energy and intention.

As a unique and symbolic keepsake, the Uniquely Morbid Tarot Box Set features a bronze beetle trinket. This enchanting talisman represents the transformative energy and spiritual guidance offered by the flesh-eating beetle. Let it serve as a reminder of the profound wisdom and insight you can unlock through your tarot practice.

All these exquisite items are beautifully packaged in a custom-designed box with a convenient pull tab, ensuring easy access and safe storage of your tarot set. The visually stunning box adds a touch of mystery and elegance, reflecting the enchanting journey that awaits within.

  • Tarot Cards: 78 cards printed on 350 gsm paper
  • Guide Booklet: 56 pages of comprehensive insights
  • Silk Bag: Luxurious and protective storage solution
  • Sticker Sheet: Personalize and customize your tarot deck
  • Bronze Beetle Trinket: Symbolic keepsake
  • Box Dimensions: Custom-designed with a pull tab for easy access

The Uniquely Morbid Tarot Box Set is designed for tarot enthusiasts and spiritual seekers who yearn for a transformative and insightful journey. Use the tarot cards as a tool for self-reflection, guidance, and divination. Consult the guide booklet to deepen your understanding of each card's meaning and symbolism. Store your tarot cards securely in the silk bag, and personalize your deck with the included sticker sheet. Let the bronze beetle trinket serve as a reminder of the profound connection between the spiritual realm and your tarot practice.


To ensure the longevity and preservation of your Uniquely Morbid Tarot Box Set, handle the tarot cards with care, avoiding excessive bending or moisture exposure. Store the cards in the provided silk bag when not in use to protect them from dust and damage. Gently wipe the bronze beetle trinket with a soft cloth to maintain its lustrous appearance. Keep the entire set in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Embark on an extraordinary spiritual journey with the Uniquely Morbid Tarot Box Set. Discover profound insights, unlock hidden meanings, and embrace the transformative power of the

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